Word spacing and contrast, help needed.

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Hey guys,

Looking for some input regarding my three word logo. This is my own website/product that's been established now since 2005. It's a book cover plugin for Adobe Photoshop.

Would you combine these three words or make them separate in a logo? "Cover Action Pro".

I've tried making the word "Action" thinner to create more contrast but it just doesn't look right and giving one of the words color looks strange.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance :-)


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Assuming that you want to keep the same general look (as opposed to a new logo), I'd keep them tight as one word. Otherwise you just have 3 words set in type rather than a distinctive logo. But you could certainly do something more interesting with it.

Off the top of my head, one possibility would be to put "Pro" in a lighter weight (since I'd consider it the least important word in the phrase). Make the weight differences enough that the difference is immediately obvious.

If that font is available in a slightly condensed version, you might see how it looks to slightly condense the whole logo, to reduce the length a tad. (But don't try condensing it manually in Photoshop by reducing the width, as that will distort the height/width ratios of the strokes.)

Another possibility is to put "Action" in italic.

By the way, your Photoshop Actions look great. I almost bought it a few years ago when a client wanted me to convert a book cover image into a 3D book, but since the budget was tight I ended up doing it myself. Came out okay but not as good as what your product does.

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Hi James,

Thank you so much for your help. Getting some ideas here. If you ever need an action hit me up sometime.


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Thanks Mark!

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