Berlin street numbers typeface

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I've just spent a lovely week in Berlin. Always love coming back. Anyone knows what typeface is used on these honest, practical and beautiful street numbers/lamps?

Closer I got on WhatTheFont is Alasar bold:

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That is likely to be DIN Engschrift or it’s (almost identical) East German TGL-sister. DIN 275 - Hausnummerleuchten (house number lights) prescribes the use of typefaces according to DIN 1451. DIN 1451-2 contains DIN Mittelschrift and DIN Engschrift, but the final drawings of the typefaces vary by manufacturer / supplier, whatever …

It may also be interesting to take a look at the twin-types Cst Berlin East and Cst Berlin West. They were designed by Ole Schäfer and Verena Gerlach in 2000 and are inspired by the typefaces as used on Berlin street name signposts.

Calibre and Metric, designed in by Kris Sowersby ±2010 are partially inspired on the same street sign typefaces: Calibre and Metric do not (yet?) seem to have the condensed weights you are looking for though.

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Thank you Albert. Great findings.

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