Looking for font to use with Roma

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Hi everyone,

Looking for some good suggestions on what font to use next to Roma (link)

I'm kinda looking for a sans serif preferably a thin or light version comparable to the Roma inline variant


I'd like to put some headers in a thin at around 24pt, i was thinking about using DTL Noble but the light isn't quite thin enough + its a bit over my budget :-D

Hope someone can help, thanks!

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someone...pretty please :-D

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Alright Evie, since you are desperate I will have a stab at trying to help you.

So you are looking for a thin, san-serif font to use as body text go with your titles that are in Roma? Just to get this straight.

What is your budget? It helpful to have an exact figure to plan to, however for now I'll ignore it for the most part.

I have to admit it's a little tricky sifting through all these font families for the perfect weight whilst keeping the "Roman theme":

Trajana Sans - If you don't mind only having capital letters, this could be an option because it has a light variant. The san-serif counterpart to Trajan, a beautiful Roman serif typeface.

Futura - A legendary geometric font family based upon old-lettering, despite its futuristic-sounding name it has a wonderful old-fashioned ambiance to it. There is a light variant, but I couldn't find a thin variant so easily. Almost everyone loves Futura, it's well crafted and easy-to-read though I don't think it really belongs on most of McCarren's airport signage.

Colosseum - Looks pretty good, definitely got a more old-fashioned jibe to it than the modern san-serif typefaces of this world. Also inspired by Trajan, but with lower case lettering making it a good compromise.

Here are my suggestions! Tell me how I can improve on them.


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