Looking for some good examples of portfolio/freelance designers websites

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Hi folks,

I'm getting ready to start working as a freelance graphic designer but before i do i still need to get a few things in order, one of them is setting up my own website. I was wondering if maybe you guys could point me to some of the websites you think are very well executed and give a good straight forward overall view of the work and the designer.

I'm not a web designer so i'm hoping some of your suggestion might lead to a few ideas on which direction i'd like to go with the website.

Thanks in advance !

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Well, it's a bit outdated (isn't every portfolio?), but you can check out mine: www.jltypographicdesign.com

I did it in iWeb a couple of years ago. It's due for an update, which I'll be doing in Adobe Muse — a program I highly recommend for print designers who want an easy-to-understand, InDesign-like web design program.

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If you are not aware with web design, then go with some readymade and attractive template site, specially for portfolio i. e. wordpress. Wordpress has so many free templates for portfolio makers.

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Hello, Evie.

As Steve pointed out, go with something ready made. For example, Behance.com offers free usage of their website space to show off your portfolio. When you'll get more accustomed to web design, you can make your own from the very beginning.
Some samples:

Good luck:)

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