Ferdinand Regular: critique greatly appreciated

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Hello typophile community, I would love any advice and criticism that you might offer regarding my first font. I intend on using it to break into the type design industry and have been tweaking it constantly. I think the time has come for other, more experienced, eyes to have a go.

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At their thickest your round strokes should be thicker than your straight vertical ones, in order to seem optically equal.

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Thanks for the tip, I'll adjust accordingly and repost an update soon.

Here is a new alphabet set with heavier curves to visually balance with the straight strokes. I've also adjusted the weight of the terminals in the /G/ /C/ /c/ /S/ & /s/ to help them at smaller sizes.

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Update: I've reworked many of the letters, made terminals mostly consistent, and lessened the contrast greatly. Some of the emphasis was mis-angled on a few of the lowercase bowls, and I think I've gotten a handle on that. Feeling better about this now.


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Very respectable for a first font!

Some letters feel too wide to me; {u h z E F M Z} in particular. You seem to have a different arch design in {h} than in {n m u}; the latter look better in my opinion. Your previous {g} seemed more in character than the new open one. The {t} is a bit timid. {C G} look like they bit into a lemon; maybe relax their apertures a bit?


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Thanks for the compliment and tips Christian! I will take a closer look at the width and apertures of the letters. I've always wanted to find a chart of standard widths of letters as they relate to the m. If you know of anything, I would appreciate it. Will post some revisions soon.


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I've always wanted to find a chart of standard widths of letters as they relate to the m. If you know of anything, I would appreciate it.

The trick is in learning to see and balance the counter spaces. If you look at the beginning of "phonmusik" in that last image, the /o/ captures less interior space area-wise than the /p/, and the /p/ less than the /h/. The closer those are to visually balanced, the better. No chart needed, just your eyes!

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Thanks again. I hadn't thought to compare the counters. I suppose designing the white is as important as the black.

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Really nice font :)

Since the first image has sentences with Romanian diacritics (my language), may I say that while the distance between them and the letter is good (so keep it the same) the comma-accent of lowercase |ț| and |ș| are too heavy – they should be a bit smaller – around 90% or even 80%, I'd say. (And FYI, most of the time the comma-accent diacritical mark should be smaller than the "regular" comma anyway).

Also, the circumflex of |â| should be nudged a bit to the right, to be centered to the upper extrema point of |a|.

cheers :)

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Bogdan, thanks for the great feedback on the diacritics. I'm currently working on a more decorative font based on a specific sample of Romanian Orthodox I found in Galati. I'll look you up for a review when it's ready.

(looking at your profile rang a bell, I just drove by this sign a month ago. Next time, I'll stop and buy you a drink)

The sample below is displaying the new countered characters as per the tips and discussion of a few days ago.

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Nice start, hope you're still working on this.

- n and h are still quite wide.
- I suggest horizontally flipping the top serif of d.
- You have a lot of curved detailing going on. Not sure I like all of them.
- Thickness of serifs is inconsistent. Compare the bottom serif of u to the top ones.
- The bottom of g looks a bit out of tune to me, shape-wise. Too futuristic-like
- middle stem in m needs a serif
- t is really narrow.

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Thanks for the pointers Jasper. I haven't looked at this in a while for the sake of being able to look at it again with fresh eyes. I agree with your comments, and will be re-evaluating probably most-if-not-all of the other characters as well.

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