Need Help With id

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I Need Help with IDing this type i am doing a sign for a customer and i need tho find out what the type is but the customer does not know.

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I couldn't find an exact match, but it's very close to Ethnocentric by Typodermic, specifically the Light weight. Here's a sample, compared to the isolated PIONEER text.



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Helion might work for another 'close but no cigar' choice.

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Yeah its real close to ethocentric book but the slant on the p and r are opposite and the o is too round. Thanks for helping

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Can't find a match either. BTW, feels custom to me. Not sure these open /P, /R and rounded finials are original... May be having a look to some sections at Dafont would be helpful: Techno > Sci-fi and Techno > Various. Good luck!

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