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I am trying to collect a small list of ways to say welcome in various languages for a new project. There are several websites that have fairly deep lists but many of them conflict with each other, understandably since there are numerous greetings.

I know several people here have rather diverse language experience so maybe you could help make sure that I am as accurate as possible with some of these. Please let me know if any words here jump out as being inaccurate or maybe not the best way to say a simple, informal welcome. Also, any suggestions for other languages are welcome too. Welcome, ha...

bienvenue -French
benvenuto -Spanish
bienvenido -Italian
bem-vindo - Portuguese
bine al venit - Romanian
hosgeldiniz (s cedilla)- Turkish
ia ora na - Tahitian
tervetuloa - Finnish

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portuguese* and german are right.

* if you were saying welcome to a woman, you would say bem-vinda instead.

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Finnish, swedish and german are right.

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Rob Keller, you switched Spanish with Italian.


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Hey guys, thanks for the confirmations.

Alessandro- yeah I see that I typed it in wrong here, it is correct in my original file though. Grazie!

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Here's a few that I can remember:

Catalan: Benvinguts
Irish Gaelic: F

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Merican: 'Sup

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A link about "Welcome" and others words in many languages.

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New York: How ya doin

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red states: Howdy / Howdy Y'all

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ようこそ or いらっしゃいませ depending on the circumstances. (I'm crossing my fingers here, hoping Typophile handles Unicode encoding properly.)

Transliterated equivalents in case:
youkoso, irasshaimase

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(Pronouced Huan-Ying in Mandarin, Fhun-yheng in Cantonese)

Selamat Datang! - Malaysia / Indonesia

text/plainUTF-8 text file of the chinese characters
welcome_zhi_malay.txt (0.2 k)

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Classical Latin: Salve!

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velkommen - Icelandic Not correct

Velkomin is plural, if you are addressing both men and women.
Velkominn if you are addressing only one man.
Velkomin if you are addressing only a woman.
Velkomnir if you are addressing two or more men.
Velkomnar if you are addressing two or more women.

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another mistake

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Your Czech is wrong. Should be:


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And to antiuser, Croatian should be:

dobro došli (s with caron)



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In Hebrew, transliterated (ch as in Bach):

Baruch HaBa (male)
Brucha HaBa'a (female)
Bruchim Haba'im (plural)

Means "blessed is (your) arrival" or briefly: welcome.

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Kαλώς ορίσατε [Kalos orisate] in Greek
(I hope a Greek fond is available)

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Endaxy Phylos


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A more polite form for Polish would be "witamy". "Witajcie" may sound colloquial.


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Canadian-English: Welcome, eh!

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