Benedict Sans ? - A first attempt at Sans Serifs

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After reading a few old posts about appropriate sans serifs to accompany classic serifs, I decided to make an attempt at designing a sans serif to accompany the [Bad link] face. Tentatively named Benedict Sans, here's what has been done so far for the regular weight (to be followed by book and bold):

Thanks in advance for your attention. And have a nice summer ...

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I like what you have here so far, but I'm not sure those numerals really harmonize with your letterforms. I do enjoy the bit of uncial shown here - it's a nice contrast to the staid stressed-sans. I like that the soft joins remind me of an eye exam :)

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Thank you. I will redo the numerals. Meanwhile, here's a first try on the uppercase set (including a few influences from Koch's "Jessen Schrift"):


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Nice idea! I think the {h} is too jarring, though. Maybe give it a descender instead? The {s} is top-heavy.

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