Aspiring Type Designers and Lettering Artists

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For those who are interested in Type and Hand Lettering, My friend John Downer and Paul Herrera are teaching a Brush Roman Class at Typecon. This is to me a once in a lifetime chance to study with 2 masters of letters.

Wednesday, August 21st
Full-Day Sessions
9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Full day workshops break for lunch from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.
Brush Roman Majuscules (Day 1)

John Downer & Paul Herrera

Cost: $200 (Two Day Workshop)
Maximum Participants: 24
Location: Pacific Northwest College of Art

This is a two day workshop. Participants must be prepared to attend both days.

This course is being taught by two Iowans who have had vast experience in the lettering profession, especially with a brush. John Downer and Paul Herrera will provide instruction on the proportions of Imperial Roman Majuscules, and show how the letters are formed with a flat, one-stroke, lettering brush. Each participant will receive valuable pointers on paint control, proper technique, stroke sequences, and various essential aspects of brush manipulation. Regular demonstrations will also be given.

Nontoxic, water-soluble tempera paint will be used. Materials will be included in the cost of the workshop.

Hope to see you there!

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Hi Charles!

I am registered for the workshop and I am so excited! It will be my first TypeCon and first time in Portland. I have been wanting to take a workshop with John for a long time and it is finally happening.

I will be counting the days until then...

See you in Portland!


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Great Remy! See you there!!

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Here is a link to a video of John Downer doing a brush lettering demo at L.A. Trade Tech. in March of 2013 for any of those who are interested in attending.

I apologize if the quality of the video is not great, as I took it with my iPhone and I don't edit or modify films, nor do I know how.



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