Monotype has two Futuras: Futura and Futura(R)

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On the Monotype website, there are two futuras. One is called Futura(R) and the other is called Futura. (R) = the copyright symbol. They are different. The most obvious difference seems to be that the capital U of the Futura without and (R) has a flattened base and is not just a simple arc. I thought that Futura was Futura unless, maybe, a particular foundary was specified, of someone decided to "improve" on it. What gives?? I want to match a sign in my building foyer, and the sign seems to use the Futura without an (R). How do I specify the right one??

Monotype does not offer an explanation.

Monotype seems to own: Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Ascender, and Bitstream. I suppose that that means that Monotype might have ended up owning more than one foundry's version of Futura. If that is the case, should they not offer Futura with the initials of the foundry that made that version of Futura (say, Futura MT or Futura BT)?

I saw on another site, someone saying that there were 7 different foundries that made Futura and discussing which was better. That thread did not mention the Monotype thing and didn't mention the obvious width-of-the-U thing either. I am eagerly awaiting hearing your wisdom. I love this site.

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For what is sure, that Neufville typefoundry in Spain own the original Futura copyrights. So you might check there for the ›real‹ cut.

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To my knowledge, there’s never been a “Futura MT” anyway — Lanston Monotype had Twentieth-Century Gothic instead. Or am I wrong ?

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