Nobody can find me this exact font

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Trying to find this exact font. Cannot find it tried the image recognition thing also

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Joga comes close, but doesn't have the angled finishes on the horizontal strokes (E, L).

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Already tried to help here. Overall design is close to Radiant but haven't found a close version. Agree also on angled finials.

EDIT: just found Magnesium. It has angled finials but contrast looks a bit off. May be reworked version of it?
There are also Euro Sans and Peignot (of course).

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It's a lot like Optima Bold, but not quite it. I did a lot of looking around. Tough puzzle to solve.

Hildegard, Vershen, Salzburg, Zapf Humanist 601, Castle are all very similar but all with some characteristics mismatching.

I'm stumped!

This tool is helpful and you may see something I missed.

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I hope this helps. The whole ABCD is there but still i cannot work around this font

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