hebrew secondary styles

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dear typophiles,
i write my ‘reading dissertation’ about hebrew secondary styles. now i am looking for hebrew type designs that create a set of styles (through structural change and within the same weight). i know about ismar david’s david (and linotype’s david hadash), henri friedlaender’s (unreleased) attempt of hadassah cursive and ben nathan’s days and nights. does one of you happen to know other examples / attempts that try to create a complementing style for highlighting within texts for continuous reading ?
many thanks in advance, nicole

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You might want to post this query to the Typophile Hebrew forum:

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ok, thank you, i will do that.

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Great way of expressing the hearty feelings to words. I appreciate the way you redirect and advice @nicolefally.
Thanks for sharing the information. zara is impressed with your post too, "She said to me"

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You might also try contacting Scott-Martin Kosofsky: http://philidor.com/principalSMK.htm

He has done some specialty Hebrew typesetting and may have some thoughts or examples.

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thank you, kent ! i will ask him.

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