Fonts to identify please.

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Hi guys,
could you help me to identify these fonts ?
The first one look very similar to Caslon Swashes but it's not...

THX a lot in advance for your help.

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Cactus: Maquette ARS using the alternate /a
JONAH: Neuzeit Grotesk

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@Ryuk ...Thx for your help. You right for Cactus :)
....But for JONAH i think you made a mistake. Not the same J.
No idea about the first picture ?

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You're right, was too hasty to conclude. Good news, I found it. Should be Montserrat.
"Bite Me" and "LES PARISIENNES DE KIRAZ" are also interesting but haven't found any match yet... Have you more information? Origin, more samples, website, book name... I've found many versions of Caslon-ish Italic swashes but unfortunately none is matching.

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Haas Caslon Swash Capitals, as shown in Jaspert's Type Encyclopedia of 1970, appear to be a match for "LES PARISIENNES DE KIRAZ."
There are several digital Caslon swash italics that are similar but not a match:
Adobe Caslon Pro Italic.
ITC Caslon Italic Swashes.
Caslon Italic With Swashes LET.
URW+++ Caslon No540 Swash D Italic.
URW+++ Caslon No337 Italic.

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I have been searching for this font till i came across this forum...I cannot find this font

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Next time try to start your own thread. For the answer, have a look to Radiant, you should find the font you're after.

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Bite Me: Motion Picture by Måns Grebäck (commercial - personal)

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