Serif fonts that work well with Landmark?

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Im working with Landmark family fonts [ ] as my title font, looking for subtitle and Main body 'modernist' font that works with Landmark's appeal. I feel a serif family would work well but can figure which?

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Hey there,

could try something like Mercury or Galaxie Copernicus. They both have this what I call “modernist appeal”. The should work well with Landmark’s expressive look.

A slab serif could be a wee to dominant.


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I've always thought Excelsior is a very nice mid-century modern serif style.
More recent version in the same ballpark is Font Bureau’s Belizio (based on Novarese’s Egizio).
More recent still, House Industries’ Eames.
To exploit the Victorian roots of modern type, Shinntype’s Scotch Modern.

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Nick, you’re right Eames is a very good choice, neither it’s a little bit to slab in my opinion.

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