Need your critical eyes

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Hi folks,

My academic unit wants to rebrand and as a consequence is working on a new logo. I am a documentary filmmaker and have worked on logo designs in the past but am no expert. before i share my opinions with my colleagues and the graphic artist, I would love your input. Our department offers a BA and MA in communication with concentrations in rhetoric, speech communication, health communication, media studies and production. Thank you so much!

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Cindy, could you explain why the designer chose those particular shapes and what they represent? Did he/she give an explanation?

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First symbol is more fitting for a photography business (due to crop/frame bracketing). Also the arrow contraption looks forced. Furthermore I'm not sure why arrows meet off-center and why they form a loop. I guess, basically, I'd like to echo James' question - what's the rationale behind the symbol?

Second symbol is just a knitting machine of some sort, sorry.

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