Suggestion for a website logo font?

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I'm currently working on website for a rock/metal music festival. I was asked to include the following logo in the title of the site.

Do you have any suggestions for a type that could accompany this logo? I'm hoping to achieve sort of a grungy looking site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey Katka,

I love those kind of Metal Logos. Looking Good. But why combine this with a grungy font? Let the logo stay in focus.
You could try a more clean looking one. Like Proxima Nova or Franklin Gothic could be a very cool choice instead.

Do you have a typekit account?

If you really want a grungy font, try fontsquirrel, they have lots of those.

Copystrukt looks fine.


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I didn't necessarily mean the font to be grungy, rather like the whole site.

I don't have a typekit account. But I'm thinking of getting one.

Thanks a lot for your advice, I'll definitely try those fonts. :)

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