Chinese Stencil Font?

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Does anyone know if a Chinese stencil font exists?

I'm looking to match Chinese text to a font in this sort of style:

As it's going to be cut-out, counters/apertures need to be reinforced to as not to all out. I've been looking around, but I can't find anything (likely to be my total lack of understanding of Chinese/Chinese Alphabets!).

Many thanks.

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Important questions: is the text in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau) or Simplified Chinese (Mainland China, Singapore)? A Traditional Chinese typeface would be useless if you need to render a Simplifed Chinese text and vice versa.

How long is the text? If it is short enough, modifying an existing non-stencil typeface may be an option.

It feels like there ought to be a stencil typeface for Chinese, but I can't find one despite looking through several foundries' offerings. I'm not familiar with Chinese typefaces in general, though.

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Hi, yes should have been more specific. Traditional Chinese, not Simplified.


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It won't be helpful since it's just a logotype, not a full typeface, and in the mingti style instead of sans-serif, but here's a design that works for stencil (though probably not originally intended as such):
大東方 Orient Top Town title design by Julius Hui

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