Jazz magazine pitch need type help!

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Hello all

I've just received a brief to pitch for a magazine about a Jazz festival. I have one day to put something together. Initial thoughts are that it needs to have high production value - to be kept as a souvenir, yet portable and practical as it will also act as a guide to the festival and be taken away post concerts - therefore smaller than A4.

As it coincides with the 21st anniversary they want to highlight past performers as well as the current crop. I'm thinking design-wise it should be very contemporary, and probably on an offset (uncoated stock).

Typewise I'm inclined to go sans and was notionally thinking of using Gotham Rounded for heads and narrow for text, plus maybe a slab (any suggestions?). My feeling that using a serif might be too traditional. However I'm open to any ideas?

Can anyone make any traditional arguments for using specific type or suggestions of other faces to try out?

Any help at this point gratefully received!


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Hey Dendicott,

Gotham is a solid base for your magazine, personal I don’t like the rounded version but that’s another story.

You could pair it with FF More. It’s a little bit slappy but still some kind of traditional. If you want it more slab, try Adelle. A wee bit softer is FF Tisa.

A very beautiful combination, in my opinion, is Gotham with Mercury. It looks timeless and by far not old fashioned. Why don’t give it a try?


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