New Font using Paul Mathis Th Character

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There's been much discussion in the UK press about the new Th symbol proposed by Australian inventor Paul Mathis as a substitute for the definite article (the). I've included a glyph for this in my latest font - Dynatron - just released on MyFonts. I've also included a version - Dynatron Mathis - which allows users to access the Th symbol in one stroke using the seldom used grave symbol (`) on the top left hand of the standard American and British keyboards. What do you guys think? I'm aware that Dynatron is basically a display face, and the utility of the Th symbol is mainly for texting etc., but you've got to start somewhere!

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The background illustration from your 'Amazing Stories' image looks like its for H.G. Wells's War of the Worlds. I'd like to see the whole image; what's the source?

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The new symbol would need a name (like “ampersand” instead of “and”). Calling it “the” is ambiguous.


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Why should the definite article be singled out for special treatment when there are so many other equally deserving words in the English Language?

I cannot tell you, for example, how many times I have been incapacitated with writers cramp from having to type out the indefinite article in full. Why is it not equally worthy of its own symbol? And why should this be limited to articles? I'm fed up with the first person pronoun inflicting carpal tunnel syndrome on me.

I'm hoping someone more qualified than I will rise to the challenge and come up with proposals for a 28th and 29th letter to fill these desperate orthographical voids.


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