Where's the Wind

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The name of a cottage/cabin on Georgian Bay.

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here it isn't...

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I don't know the answer my friend...

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Somewhere in here?

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What I like about the name is the interactivity, as it were. The cottage owner was a keen wind surfer, so he would only be reading the name when there was no wind, otherwise he’d be out on the lake.

That and the absence of a question mark, which would be wrong in a place name.

My guess is the letters were cut with a manual jig saw.

I also like the way the letters are arranged on a wavy baseline, or have perhaps been blown by the wind, although if there is no wind they should perhaps be becalmed!

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Just to the right of that sign is someone lying under



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...and on the rear of the building...

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where's the double-U?

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Blown away.

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