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I have tried both whatfontis and whatthefont and the closest I have come is Big Caslon or Patrician. Not too close. On another note, I cannot find any history on Patrician, does anyone know who designed it. I love the Ms and N's in the logo but am guessing they may have it customised. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Looks like they've started from Saturday's own corporate typeface Industria and tweaked it. It looks to mix influences from Big Caslon (former font on which Industria is based) and Tiffany (mainly on /M and /N)/Big Caslon /A top.
Don't know too much about Patrician part of it looks very close to (Big) Caslon... There are also some rip-off accusations on some Scriptorium David Nalle's fonts so better avoid Patrician...

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thanks a ton!

PS: good to know about the scriptorium stuff.

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On the other hand, I see a somewhat of a match with Utopia Display Regular. Expanded somewhat and with Tiffany style diagonal stroke ends added to M and N, and cross stroke serifs on E also adjusted.


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