Sans Serif font ID

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Sans serif font attached...any ideas what it could be?

sans718.jpg49.33 KB
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Matiz from Dafont for the bold (thanks Don)

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404 for your link.

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Bob, now you have no link at all.
I learned to write html without an editor for my first web page and appreciate the frustration when it does not work. All it takes in this case is one missing symbol, such as a ", to break the link. Oh well, as Kurt Vonnegut said, "such is life."

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Here you go: Matiz

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To me, that looks like 2 different weights of Avenir.

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Tried Avenir Heavy and Black but not heavy or black enough - also dot on i above top of f. Knowing that fonts at Dafont are often based on other things I think we can say that Matiz has a lot of Avenir qualties

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