Type ID please? Need to recreate ad

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Hello All,
I wonder if someone could help me to identify the font in the attached image. I have to recreate, in somewhat of a rush, an ad which was submitted to me at terribly low res.
Thanks ever so

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Hypatia Sans by Thomas Phinney.

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Thank you very much Renko,

Is this a standard font with later versions of InDesign? I have CS2, so not an option in there, and I can't buy it just for this one ad. Do you have any clever suggestions for me? Any other programmes that ship with it included, perhaps?


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Have just used Tw Cen MT, which seems pretty close, more or less everything except the upper case W (and the enormous dot on the 'i', and the crazy bowl on the 'a'!)

Thanks again, orlando

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Sorry, don't know if it is packed with any software … doubt it, though.

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