Please help identify this 20s font for me (thanks)

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Hi guys, can anyone identify this 20s style font? I've tried before but the thread got out of sight. ;-)
I need it for a client that's waiting for my reply. I've browsed everywhere but can't find it. WhatTheFont can't identity it because it's too blurred.

It would be great if you could help me out here.


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It isn't the font you are looking for but maybe a good alternative:

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And duplicating your former request won't let you getting more answers ;)
That said, what's your sample origin? Could make the search less unsatisfactory...

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@Krijn, close, but still a bit far away. Thx anyway.

@Ryuk: well it helps sometimes. When the message gets bumped to the bottom nobody sees it anymore. ;-)
I'll try to get some more background info on the usage, but I think the client also doesn't know much.

Strange that nobody can recognize it. But hey, I also can't.

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I think it’s not a typeface but lettering…

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Looks like a lettering style taught to painters/decorators. They used sample manuals.
You could try to get some help from the experts at the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen. There is a crafts-and-arts live exhibit there, if I recall correctly.

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It IS a handmade font. The client dug in his papers and found out a Belgium designer made the font based on an existing font.

Thanks anyway for you help!

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May be you'll find your way reconsidering my suggestion of Giorgio Sans (with alternate /O from titling caps). A quick and ready-to-go solution.

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The sample—which I also concur is hand-lettered—displays many similarities (plus one glaring difference with the /M) with Saul Hess's Twentieth Century Poster, a version of which is here...

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