Fontographer 3.5.1 paste question

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I'm having a great deal of difficulty pasting characters created in Illustrator into this version of Fontographer. No matter what I try they always become background images, not editable shapes. Does anyone know what's going on here, or if ther is anything I can do to fix this? Thanks for your suggestions.

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The only thing I know about this: you have to use illustrator 8.0 version (or older) to do that...

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I have the same problem, Paul. What you have to do is keep trying, and every time you manage to paste a character, save immediately. Sometimes you can't paste once to save your life, sometimes you can paste in A-Z a-z without any difficulty. Don't know why. I do know that it's manageable if you're persistant.

I have fontographer 4.1.2 and illustrator 8.0.1.

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John and Paul - Ono, don't torture yourselves.
use Illustrator 6. It beats all.
Still haven't heard of anyone having consistent results in Ill. 8, 9 or 10.

Also, hold down the option key when you copy in Illustrator.

Don't forget to read Chank's tutorial if you're just starting out or if you're just having a hard day's night.


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I usually export chunks of letters (from 5 to ten)to eps files, and import in fontographer. I then cut and paste in FG. It's quite fast, quicker than trying to get copy/paste from illustrator to work.

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Sounds good, Richard, but the only Import option I have in this old version of FOG is Import Kerning. I guess I may have to upgrade...

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When Richard says he's importing characters
in FOG after pasting he's doing just that -
pasting. You can do the same FOG 3.5.
I would say keep 3.5. I have all 3 (FOG 3.5, 4.1
and FontLab 3) and still really like the
bare bones nature of 3.5.

The pasting problem is Illustrator.
I'm guessing you are using 9 or above
which creates the problem you describe.
After 8, Adobe changed the structure
of the clipboard thus making pasting
into certain programs difficult.
Use 8 or below. I think 7 might even
have some problems.

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Thanks everybody. I just picked up a copy of Illustrator 6 at Ebay for 13 bucks and I'm really hoping this will solve the problem. I'll update this forum as soon as I can...

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OK, so I go into Illustrator 6, select my character, and use the pull-down menu "Copy" with option key held down (a la Chank's advice). Then I go to Fontographer and, holding down the option key, pull-down "Paste". Result?

A greyed-out PostScript logo with the text "Adobe Illustrator Artwork, one object on one layer" written below it appears in the window. If I don't hold down option it doesn't size it correctly, so at least SOMETHING is working, but what the ???!!??!

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I don't have experience with 6 but can't
understand why it wouldn't work.

Try skipping the option key when pasting.
I just copy when in Illustrator and then
paste when in FOG.

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