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New to this forum and I'm hoping someone will be able to bestow their wisdom... failing that I'm trawling for hours for the answer on google and it'll make me cry with frustration!

So I'd like to create a series of posters. These posters use a font as it's focus – word play on a font for the purpose of creating an amusing poster. I aim to sell the posters. Can I do this? Clearly I'll need to license said font to use it on my mac, but then after that I'm unclear as to the ramifications.... i.e. commercial gain of using a font to my advantage.

The posters would only appeal to designs really, as designers more familiar with fonts/typefaces.


Many thanks! :)

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to clarify a bit more... I'd be using the name of the font/typeface in a phrase..and setting that phrase in the font/typeface i am referencing...

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As far as I can tell... if the licence allows commercial use, you can do this.

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Thanks :)

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A few foundries explicitly require added fees for something like this, where the letters made by the font are the primary thing you are selling. I think you'll find that House and P-22 may be in this category.

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