Rip-Off ???

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Hi all,

I was wondering if the new Breauhare typeface released on MyFonts and called bauhaus-bugler
was not a bit too inspired by one my release called Qero also available at MyFonts here:

burglar.gif2.72 KB
qero.gif2.64 KB
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I like the way you named the .gif of the offending font - not trying to sway the jury are you?

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This is the problem with programmatic type design: someone else can come up with the same programme, and the results will inevitably be similar. I note that the description for Bauhaus Bugler type says it was designed in 1975, which is believable based on the style, and it wasn't an original idea even then.

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What John said.
All such typefaces, including yours , are “rip-offs” (by your own standard) of Herbert Bayer’s Universal Alphabet of 1926.

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