trying to find out which typeface this is for a client.

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sorry about the picture being blurry the client sent it to me and needed these typefaces for their business cards. Anyone know by looking at this pic? thanks guys!

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When you come to the Typophile forums, you see a selection. You have posted in

General Discussions
All topics are welcome—except font ID requests.

What you want is

Which reads:

Type ID Board
Need to know what font it is? Post it here

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... And it's Peignot BTW.

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Your reply reminds me of a story, Mr. Cooke. True story, by the way.

There was a mother dining with friends. She had brought her children, and her 9-10 year old son was particularly obstreperous. She would tell him to stop his yelling, going to other tables & bothering people, etc., but it was just the one sentence & then back to chatting with her friends. The pattern happened over & over, and the boy kept right on making trouble.

As we finally finished our meal and left, I told the mother that she'd just given her son a lesson, that when he became a teenager, raging hormones & all, he could ignore a woman telling him "no."

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ok thanks Peignot. ill check the forum section you mentioned next time. been about 6 years since i've used this board. thanks!

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Was your avatar always this humongous, or did it somehow grow over time?

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