Looking for advice on a webfont that looks good against colourful backgrounds

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I have just finished building out a website, based on a wordpress theme. I am quite happy with it but when I have asked for comments from people, a number of people have said that I should change the font in the top menus as the current font doesn't stand out well enough against the bright backgrounds. I was hoping somebody here could give me some advice on what type of fonts would look good in this situation.

This is the site

Thank you

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Hi -
Yes the thin white font is not very legible, but it is still possible to read. I do not know how much control you can have over the colors and font, but if you do you can try making the fonts BOLD. The html tag may be 'strong'. If that does not solve the problem, try to play with the colors:
EITHER make the menus background a shade darker, OR use a very dark red (instead of white) for the font.

In the black and white menus under the title "Hot Hotel Openings".
Also make the fonts BOLD, and try to use a larger font size. Try using a light yellow for the font instead of white.

Good luck

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I can read the ones with the colored backgrounds okay; the ones with the gray backgrounds (further down the page) are a little harder for me. But if you're getting negative feedback you obviously need to consider that. You might try upper & lower case heads (rather than all caps) and then bump up the size a bit.

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Thank you. I went with Monserrat and cabin as a fallback. I also increased the font size slightly and changed from all caps to lower case except for the first letter of each item. I also changed the long menu item name "announcements" to "news" to give the whole menu more breathing room.
I think it looks a lot better. For the drop downs I maintained the uppercase and increased the size a bit.
Also, I changed the color and increased the font size of the city names on the grey tabs in the "Latest hotel openings" section in the middle of the page. I think it looks a lot easier to read.
Thank you for your suggestions..

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