Critique welcome for content mockup.

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Hi everyone

I've been playing around with content and composition for a little project I'm working on and I'd really love some critique to help me improve.

Here's the link to the work in question. I'd just like to get another set of eyes to look over it and make sure I'm not making any blindingly obvious mistakes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

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Is this the real content? I'm not sure what you mean by content mockup. Are you requesting criticism of the writing?

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Apologies. You can critique the content if you like, it's a section from The Elements of Typographic Style, in my own words.

I'm more interested in feedback on the general composition and styling of the content, in case I've made any silly typographic errors.

Thanks for the reply!

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«Recent Articles» is nearly illegible from the low contrast. «Type & Music» looks odd centered when the other text on orange is asymmetric. I don’t think quotes (Bringhurst) should have as much spacing between them as the subheads have before them. It makes the quote look too separate from the enclosing paragraphs it’s in context of.

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