What has happened to FontWorld?

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Wondering what has happened to FontWorld? Or, where one would purchase Adobe InDesign ME these days? Any with educational discounts?

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FontWorld discontinued as we knew it. I founded Font World, Inc. with my late father and my late brother, Mark, in 1989. Different corporate incarnations of Font World, Inc. transpired many times over the years until last year, when Mark passed away from a long sickness at an early age. He was well loved, and will be greatly missed

A new corporate incarnation brings many of FontWorld's and GoHebrew's qualities and products to the public at the under construction web site, called: www.fontsfurnitureandmore.com.

Adobe InDesign ME can be had by downloading the latest version of Adobe InDesign CC from www.adobe.com. The Hebrew user must however first edit the preferences in the Adobe download program to enable Hebrew or Arabic text processing. This is explained in the Adobe Support Forum for Adobe InDesign for Hebrew text input. I will post the specific instructions here soon.

Adobe offers substantial educational discounts.

If you have any technical questions, you can email them to me at info@fontsfurnitureandmore.com.

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From adobe.com -> support & learning -> indesign - hebrew text processing

3. Dov Isaacs, Nov 3, 2013 12:42 AM in reply to gohebrew1390 Report
OK. The first thing you do is to uninstall InDesign 9.

If you want the English-Hebrew version (the equivalent of the old ME versions), you change the language preference in the Adobe installer to English-Hebrew and then reinstall InDesign. If you want only Hebrew, you set the language preference to Hebrew.

(I assume that this is being installed by the Adobe Application Manager for the Creative Cloud!)

- Dov

PS: Same procedure for Illustrator and Photoshop!

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Is there no way of getting a "hard" downloadable copy of Creative Suite ME or InDesign ME?

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Creative Suite ME or InDesign ME is now defunct. Perhaps, you seek an older version. The drawback though may be that they are not compatible with newer versions of operating systems. Many older versions of software programs can not be run on newer versions of operating systems. For example, since there were ME versions of Creative Suite or InDesign, many versions of Macintosh and Windows operating systems have been released.

I have used the very latest versions of Creative Suite or InDesign with the Hebrew right-to-left features enabled. I have found these newer versions able to everything the ME versions could do, and much more. New versions of Creative Suite or InDesign are of course much better than the older ME versions.

Remember however to enable these features BEFORE you download these later versions from Adobe, as explained earlier by Dov Isaacs.

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