Hebrew in FontLab - how?

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Hello guys!

I've been desiging a Font in Hebrew, But I can't seem to find how to generate a Hebrew font in FontLab.

Let's say I've got all I need already, and I have FontLab. How do I create a Font in Hebrew? is there a Code Page for Hebew? How do I "turn it on"?

I'm very new in the typograhpy field, so every little detail is needed and will help me.


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[to follow]

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Yes, there are code pages for Hebrew and any other you may wish. Scroll through your list of code pages from the drop-down menu. I am not sure if they are part of the basic FLS install, but if not, they are available.

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Thank you so much! You saved my day. :')

Have a nice weekend.

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To continue on this subject. I know how to draw new characters or pull up the correct page for whatever language I'm doing and all that. What doesn't work for me is Generate font. It does produce ttf or otf file but Hebrew characters can't be typed if I'm in InDesign for example. English - yes, but not Hebrew. I added Encoding and Unicode codepage - Hebrew and Unicode ranges - Hebrew. But still - no go. Other languages work just fine - cyrilic, greek, etc. What am I missing here?


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Try this:

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