FontStudio 5 status?

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It's time to ask again. I don't mean to be a pest, but what's the latest status on FontStudio/FontLab 5?

Adam had said in a previous thread that it would be first quarter 2005. Is release imminent? Adam, can you comment?


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Note it's FontLab Studio 5. The release is coming closer. The application is very stable now, has some minor issues to clean up. We are intensely working on the new manual. I'd say 4-8 weeks.


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Great news! Thank you, Adam.

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And the Mac version will be released when?


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One of minor issues that creats major problems is that OT kerning for rtl is done in the wrong direction. (with 4.6)
If it's not dealt with yet, you have 4-8 weeks! According to a programmer friend who wrote a little program for me to fix it, this is easy to fix.

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