Seeking Type Mold and Matrices for Foundry Start Up in Uganda, East Africa

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I have been contacted by a Mr. Mulindwa Arthur in Kampala,Uganda East
Africa with the following request. Does anyone out there know where to obtain this material?

"I would like order for a type mould which are used in hand
casting type, plus its matrices of 14pt, 18pt and 24point in Times
Roman upright in alpha-numeric and their punctuation marks inclusive.
At our workshop I have three platen letterpress, I find a lot of stand
stills with scanty types. I kindly ask you to get us this kind of
mould so that we can revive our letterpress machines.
Kindly send us quotation plus shipping charges to Kampala,Uganda East
Africa. "

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[Edited — I didn't see it said "hand casting." That's interesting.]

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I just tweeted about this - let's see if anything bites.


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An Epilogue:

Mr. Arthur Mulindwa reached me through the office of the Graphic Arts Collection, the National Museum of American History, the Smithsonian, where I once worked. He was determined to acquire a type mould that would meet his very specific requirements: ie. he wished to cast type from his Linotype matrices. Their line caster no longer worked. I suggested he import a Thompson type caster as this machine would serve his needs very well. However, Arthur wished to keep his approach very basic, and after exchanging several e-mails I decided to accommodate his wishes.
I made him an 18 point mould that would allow Linotype matrices to fit beneath it without altering the mats, using a special holder to support the matrix, and to provide 'side walls', since Linotype matrices are made to fit tightly against neighboring letters. An adjustment allowed Arthur to cast from 'duplex' mats.
While the mould was specially designed to cast from Linotype mats, in every other detail it was an authentic, mid-nineteenth century hand mould.
Arthur Mulindwa expressed his satisfaction with the mould and within a month said they had cast a fount of 18 point type.
I'd like to add images but have not been successful in doing so. I made them quite small but this did not seem to help. My computer skills are quite rudimentary. Clicking on Insert image (below) I was directed to my files and selected the appropriate image, but received the message "Could not copy image. Error" I assume it is a formatting problem, but at the smallest size the image still will not load. Oh well.

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Nice story! Great to satisfy such an esoteric request.

Inserting images:
Assuming the format is correct (basic JPEG or GIF, haven't tried PNG myself) sometimes the filename will throw it off. For example an "&" in the filename won't work. So: keep the filenames short and simple. BTW if you want to avoid a horizontal scrollbar keep the width under 600 pixels.

If you still have trouble please feel free to email them to me* to fix up, then either post for you or send them back to you for posting.

* hpapazian at gmail dot com


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Great story, hope we get to see the pics!
(In the past I know that spaces in the image filenames have been a culprit for triggering that error.)

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OK. Image labels had spaces. With these deleted the files loaded. Not sure how they are opened, but see what you can do.
I believe I loaded the image of the mould closed, complete.
Second shot is mould without woods. You can see how I created space for the matrix's ears. Final shot, much reduced, of matrix holder.

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Wow, the images did work. Will wonders never cease?
Thanks for the help. Stan

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