Seeking Type Mold and Matrices for Foundry Start Up in Uganda, East Africa

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I have been contacted by a Mr. Mulindwa Arthur in Kampala,Uganda East
Africa with the following request. Does anyone out there know where to obtain this material?

"I would like order for a type mould which are used in hand
casting type, plus its matrices of 14pt, 18pt and 24point in Times
Roman upright in alpha-numeric and their punctuation marks inclusive.
At our workshop I have three platen letterpress, I find a lot of stand
stills with scanty types. I kindly ask you to get us this kind of
mould so that we can revive our letterpress machines.
Kindly send us quotation plus shipping charges to Kampala,Uganda East
Africa. "

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[Edited — I didn't see it said "hand casting." That's interesting.]

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I just tweeted about this - let's see if anything bites.


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