**For Sale*** Fontlab 5 Win Licence

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Please make me an offer via PM.
I am selling due to moving over to a Mac.

Kind regards,

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Do you think you are allowed to resell a licence?

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Dear Nick,
I did, yes. I have just perused the EULA after reading your comment and it appears that I cannot.


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You got me curious. On http://www.fontlab.com/eula/ I read:

You may ... Transfer the program and license to another party if the other party agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this license agreement. If you transfer the program you must at the same time transfer the software manual and either transfer all copies (whether imprinted or machine readable form) to the same party or destroy any copies not transferred. This includes all modifications and portions of the program contained or merged into other programs.

I must be missing something.

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Alrighty then, let the bidding begin ...


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I guess

Please make me an offer via PM

Is kinda hard to understand.... He should have been clearer.

BTW Michael, won't FontLab give you credit on a switch?

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Since the OP wants everyone to PM him, I don't feel bad about changing the subject slightly...
When is the next Fontlab coming out? Supposed to be a very big redesign...

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when I switched to Mac, I emailed FL asking about swapping my PC licence for a Mac one. They said, "we don't normally do that, but here you go."

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Just saw these replies now. I had no luck so I ended up buying Glyphs as Fontlab wanted me to buy a second licence for the Mac.

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