Anyone know the Red Bull Font?

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Does anyone know what the name of the font is?

The red Bull site is here if you need some reference

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Then what is it? :-)

If you are looking for the typeface that says "Red Bull" in red, yes, it is Futura.
R and B were slightly customized, apparently.


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The R and B are from our TF Burko, either TF Burko Bold or TF Burko Super Duper. Probably the Bold.

The stencilled cutout on the B was raised from the bottom of the B as it is in TF Burko, to the center stroke.

The balance of the letters appear to be directly from Futura.

- Joe

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Anonymous is persistant, he/she had the same post on MyFonts "Whats this font" and got the same answer Futura, I'm glad Joseph added to my knowledge with TF Burko, but for most of John Q Public, I bet futura would work just fine.

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No, that isn't Futura in Red Bull jar!

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It's just good old Futura.
Next time use the Type ID Boards, please. ;-)

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