Anatomy question about the letter W

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Is there a name for the anatomical condition in a capital W, where the second and third diagonal intersect (crossover one another) rather than form a pointed apex?

Garamond W, for example.

Vs. Minion, for example.

And while I'm at it, what's this condition in Goudy catalogue called, where the second diagonal meets the third mid way up, creating a left-leaning terminal/apex?

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I’m not aware of names.
However, I don’t believe that “crossover” is necessary for that category, because these are all the same idea, with varying amounts of overlap of the “V”s:

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If, however, you wanted to define two categories on Nick's continuum, you could easily do so at the point when the upper counter between the Vs disappears. A different candidate for the distinction could be the place at which the two middle bilateral serifs conjoin and become one.

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