A new metaphor born?

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In a C-Theory article about the current flurry of TV shows concerning Michael Jackson, the writer uses the following phrase:

"Throughout February 2003, the tabloids dug even deeper into their font suitcases to extra extra bold the recurring headline 'Wacko Jacko.' "

I googled similar phrasing and found nothing. Is this the start of a new metaphor?


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> extra extra bold

Ironic, considering the Gloved One has spent so much energy trying to *lighten* his skin.

there's a "what is michael jackson's favorite font" joke to be made, but that's for another thread.


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Or "What design school did Michael Jackson attend"?
Bring'em Young.

Sorry, Utahns... :-)


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hmmm... no answers to "what has gone from extended to condensed to compressed?"

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I nose the answer.

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-- delete, option Z, undo ---

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heehee... and perhaps the tabloid masters could opt for reversing the type for even more impact.

sorry. I've gone from gleeful to contrite. The taste (test? pepsi?) barrier has been crossed like a babe over a balcony railing.

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Extra extra bold? I guess they figured "Black" didn't exactly apply here.


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