Life of Brian

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I was wondering was the font is used for the cover of LIFE OF BRIAN by the Monty Python folks.

And how I could get this desired effect when designing?

I have a feeling it was likely hand drawn, but I might be able to get some tips?!

Thanks typophiles!


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The base font is could be any of many Gothic sans serif designs. Here is one by Filmotype that was used in movies: Glenlake as digitized by Mark Simonson.
Life of Brian was made in 1979. IIRC the cracked monumental lettering dates from then. If so, almost certainly made by a graphic artist working without computer programs. As for the 3d effect this can be done direct on a font using a program such as Fontlab. To find out how to get the desired cracking effect using a computer, I suggest you consult any good book on Photoshop techniques or a few web searches for tutorials on textures etc.
Good luck.

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