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Hello all! I recently launched a new font design project on Kickstarter:

The font is a geometric sans serif type family, but what makes it unique is that the condensed weights are straight-sided, not squished ovals like all other geometric type families out there.

Please pass the word along to your designer/type loving friends! I really want to be able to create this cool new typeface but without the funding there is no way I will have the free time to work on it.


Richard Miller
Miller Type Foundry

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This is an exciting new design concept that I have, and I really want to be able to make it!

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Richard, great project!
My credit card has expired and the bank has not given me the new one yet, so I can't pledge. But I'm tweeting it to my followers.
Good luck!

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Nice project!

Of note: Uniform is a typeface already, although it is custom and proprietary to UniformWares (the watch company). You can see it in use here:

Unfortunately, they seem reluctant to credit the type designer in the above mentioned portfolio showcase -- Micheal Hernan.

In this case I'm not sure if the name over-lap matters, but I thought you would like to know. I'm not sure if Mr Hernan will release this font one day due to licensing and other extenuating circumstances.


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they seem reluctant to credit the type designer

That sucks.


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