(x) Amex ad - Broadsheet {Stephen}

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just curious about this "lo-fi baskerville italic"...
this is probably a easy one, but i already tried
whatthefont and identifont, and got no match...

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Brilliant id, gorgeous font!

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Did you guys know that FontBureau is on MyFonts now?!


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wow, thanks a lot, stephen! (for the id and for visiting my site)

the sample was taken from an Amex ad i first saw on New Yorker magazine.
actually, the ad isn't so nice but this font is beautiful...

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You're looking at Broadsheet from The Type Quarry
(AKA Three Islands Press). They are one of the few
foundries left that haven't signed on to MyFonts.

I think it's a pretty nice antiqued roman. Thanks for
reminding me about it.

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Your portfolio site is excellent, btw, Eduardo.

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Font Bureau has been on MyFonts for about a year.

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