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Trying to design a logo for a web design company. I am leaning towards a typographic logo but finding it hard to find the right one. 1. 2. 3. (This is obviously too complex for a logo but thought perhaps the text on it's own and the pixel art just as part of my branding. Appreciate your thoughts! Any awesome ideas for incorporating undead without getting too gory? Thank you.

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It depends on the overall positioning of the company (are they trying to look casually cute, dry professional, cool and creative, etc..), but I think the third option is not bad at all. One option to simplify would be to keep the zombie color and trim it down to a skull/skinny face kind of shape, built out of a handful of pixels.

With regards to the type, here you can actually try something conventionally "boring" like Benton Sans. A naughty mark + a good traditional type may make for a good combination. At the very least you can always try bold condensed varieties, these tend to be less formal and may work for your purpose.

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None of them really make me think ‹web design› at first glance. I like the third one because the logotype is simple and clear and the artwork is cute, but it also makes me think of the trend of modern games with retro graphics. It has the potential to look outdated (a bit ironic, being retro) or done to death after some time, but not necessarily.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I have been playing with some ideas, I tried the simple pixel skull thing but I don't have the skill to make it work I think. It looks very generic and I couldn't find a balance between simplicity and uniqueness.

I am playing with a monogram style,

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I really like the pixel skull comps you did, actually. I think you're pretty close there.

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The monogram is a Cyrillic Ф, which is F, meaning it reads "undeafixels" :)

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Haha thanks for that apankrat.. that could have been embarrassing. Here I thought I was being so clever...
I will work on refining the pixel skull version and see how I feel about it. Thanks for your help guys :)

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