Fonts not working in Flash?

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Does anyone know why a TrueType font wouldn't be working in Flash or Dreamweaver? It works in InDesign, Photoshop, etc. The name of the font is there, but when I select the text & font name, the text goes blank.
I created the font in FontLab.
Other fonts I've created are working just fine in these recently acquired Abode software products...

very strange...
any thoughts are appreciated...


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i have the same problems. i have made some custom fonts and some of them work perfectly and some dont work at all...

any thoughts what one should pay attention to...

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What OS are you using?

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I'm using 10.3.4 on a G5...and using FlashMX...and Font Lab 4.6...

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You probably need to clear your font caches. You can do it with a Utility like Font Finagler. This is pretty much required if you want to develope and test fonts on OS X anyway. Changing the font name during testing each time you make a new version (the font name, not the file name) can help, too.

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