GURU A new release by Novo Typo

NT Guru is a multiple layered typeface especially designed for display use. To create beautiful typographic designs the possibilities are endless by using layers and colors. A beautiful set of arrows and multiple language support makes Guru complete for any unique and ornamental design.
Available on July 15th 2013 via the website.
Nt Guru is a set of 5 fonts designed by Novo Typo (typo)graphic designers from Amsterdam - The Netherlands.

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We consider that as a compliment!

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Probably no worries, but this font is also name Guru:

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Oh! Like in real life there are many Guru's to follow. It is up to you which one to choose... And which to ignore... Best wishes! And many thanks for your compliment.

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The main shapes are not really my taste, but the inline details are sweet! Especially combined with shadow elements. Looking forward to see it in use.

How wide will the characterset be? The possibilities for ornaments are limitless.

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The basic shapes are constructed / (de)constructed / (deco)nstructed like a Novo Typo character-shape should be... according to our aesthetics...
This set of fonts are an invitation for designers to play around with colors, layers, shadows... it's up to you, anything what you can imagine... According to the Novo Typo philosophy: we deliver the bricks; the designer is building the house...
The characterset (basic Latin) is complete and sufficient for display use, we also added a set of arrows and even a Rupee sign. We are offering the possibility to design extra characters or customize Guru to your needs.
We invite all designers to send pics with all our typefaces in use. We will be happy to show them on our facebookpage: or contact us via

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Novo Typo's Guru is now also available via You Work For Them:

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