Help buying Skolar

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We have a new book in to set, the font(s) specified is Skolar, which we will have to buy.

Whenever possible, I try to use whatever distributor gives the most money to the designer. So, I don't know if I can get closer to filling David Březina pockets by buying from Rosetta rather than MyFonts, but I'd think so. Any way to get more to him?



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Direct from Rosetta would get most to him, I'd reckon. He's a principal in the company.

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Thanks, John.

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In any case I'll direct David to this thread.


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Thank you Hrant for bringing this to my attention. I do not frequent Typophile lately, so feel free to get in touch via email, Twitter: @rosettatype or .

Even though I like MyFonts people, it is always best for the designers if you buy directly from Rosetta. Thanks for your consideration. I wish more people gave it a thought.

@John: Principal, I like that! In Czech it refers specificaly to a circus principal which fits nicely.

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Twitter? Facebook? As a principal, I'd think you would abhor those.

(As far as this thread goes, I'm now in contact with David via email, and we'll be buying direct. As the vice principal would say "mission accomplished.")

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Business is business. Especially for a circus. ;-)


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