Most suitable typeface for this?

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Aesthetically appeased individuals,

Seeking some suggestions and input for a typeface to be used in a logo for a fragrances/perfume brand. Not being a designer, thought it would be beneficial to provide, as best as I can articulate/sketch, a good design brief to the graphic designer who will create the final product. This includes deciding on the typeface before the designer is engaged.

Hoping to hear your suggestions for a good looking set of letters that would best represent my logo. Think: black and capitalized, such as used by many a fashion magazine, fashion label, etc. Don't have a lot of money to pay to a sophisticated type foundry so a compromise is necessary, suppose. Obviously the typeface will be for commercial purposes, appropriate licensing at the least cost is desirable.

Serif / Sans-Serif ... I was originally drawn to a Sans-Serif font such as used in the 'Vanity Fair' logo. Two fonts that I came across were and

....Then the 'Barneys New York' logo, feat. serif lettering caught my attention and now I'm torn between either a bold/sans-serif font or an elegant/subtle serif font. Something in between perhaps? What do you think?

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Things to consider: Who is your target audience, what is the vision of your brand, what values do you want your brand to show?

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Don't take this the wrong way but you should let the designer do his/her job and come up with the best solution that they can. It is nice to have a client give examples of what they like but giving specific fonts and such isn't going to give a very good or original result. If the designer is ANY good they will do research on their own and present variations based on that. You should have a good sit-down discussion with your designer and present your data, the target audience, any graphic styles you make like, etc... and the designer will take this into account to create something you love and something that works well to position your brand in the marketplace.

If they don't do any research (basically what you are trying to do now) then they aren't very good in the first place and I'd recommend finding someone a bit more competent.

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