Palatino in use - have examples?

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I'm trying to build a photo collection of Palatino in use (for a school assignment). If you know of any resources that feature Palatino, or have some of your own, I'd be very appreciative if you'd be willing to post those here to help me collect a number of examples. Outside of specimen sheets it can really be anything - signage, posters, book text, on-screen use, etc.

Thanks for your help!

sanderpe's picture displays in Palatino Linotype for me, I think it’s a fallback font though.

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How about in use by the original designer?

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That is a great site, Joshua. Besides the wonderful work you have done, it shows how beautiful the original metal Palatino was.

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it shows how beautiful the original metal Palatino was.

This one seems pretty close but does not have italics.
An older digital version also exist, floating around the web, called Pallazo Original that includes italics (both a narrow one and a wider one) as well as Small Caps and Old Style Figures.

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Faber & Faber Publishers (UK) used to have ALL of their books typeset in Palatino. My guess is that any secondhand bookstore will have some…

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This book has significant polytonic Greek, one reason the designer selected Palatino. It was an AAUP Book Show selection in 2003. Details:

The Cast of Character
Nancy Worman
University of Texas Press

trim size: 6 × 9 in; pages: 288
text: 9.75/14 Palatino × 27 pc
display face: Syntax
book design: Heidi Haeuser

Category: scholarly typographic
Judges’ comments: This book works in a lot of ways: the two-color jacket is strong; the combination of Palatino and Syntax seems exactly right for the topic and the format; and the page size is very pleasant in the hand. (kf) I feel the type ornament is too dominant (perhaps it would have been more effective screened back), but the use of Palatino and its accompanying Greek font is to be applauded. (cz)

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@sanderpe - came up in Palatino for me, thanks!
@Joshua Langman - by the original designer definitely works
@Bert Vanderveen - excellent lead, really appreciate it
@charles ellertson - really nice, and thanks especially for the extra information, quite helpful.

Thanks to everyone who's helped so far! Any help through Saturday is still very much welcome.

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