Kenn Munk launches the free dingbat system 'Karmaflage'

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Karmaflage is a dingbat containing three different types of ornament to be used for making decorative camouflage patterns.

On the underlying idea, Kenn says: 'I'm fascinated by camouflage as decoration, It has some interesting aesthetic qualities. I'm taking these aesthetics further by basing Karmaflage on ornaments. That way the camouflage becomes the complete opposite of what camouflage is all about.'

The dingbat system is free and can be downloaded for Mac and PC at

The Karmaflage pattern was originally made for a couple of toy designs, the launch is timed with the release of the first of these, the 'Trexi' by Playimaginative of Singapore. Later the dingbat was expanded to contain other ornamental details.

Elements from Karmaflage can also be seen on Kenn's own line of toys; 'Antlor - The Deer Departed' paper kits. (

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