x-height vs descender

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I´m having an issue with my descenders. My design has the same ascender and caps height.
As the typeface gets bolder, the x-height increases, which in the boldest weight makes for a shorter ascender than descender.. Would you consider this a problem?

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Sight unseen, my general advice would be to shorten the descenders accordingly. This is often appropriate for bolder weights anyway. But I do wonder why you aren't aiming to keep your x-height consistent across the family.

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Great precedent thread(s).

One thing I would posit here is that -since fonts are typically used hierarchically- it is the Regular that largely dictates vertical space usage/efficiency. Ergo: making a subordinate weight's descenders shorter gains you nothing (and in fact weakens boumas).


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1. If it's a serif font, it's highly recommended to make your ascenders at least a little bit higher than the caps.
2. Are you sure the x-height is a problem?

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Thanks everyone. I made the descenders a bit shorter, so that they in the boldest weight have at least the same length as the ascenders..

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