Numina, a highly condensed modern display font in two complementary faces

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So I finally got round to finishing up Numina, formerly known as Catharsis Glamour & Glory... it's out on MyFonts now, with a 25% introductory discount. Get it while it's fresh! :)

Numina is an elegant, dignified, highly condensed modern display family comprising two complementary faces. Numina Glory capitalizes on the family’s strong, relentless vertical texture, eschewing diagonals in favor of robust pillars, whereas Numina Glamour opts for more traditional letterforms for improved legibility and a classy, airy grace. Both faces are well-suited for headlines, logos, block quotes, and editorial work.

See the MyFonts page for more posters.

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Many thanks for the helpful feedback I got here on Typophile! It was my first serious attempt at typemaking, and I had a lot to learn. Special thanks to Hrant, who did the base spacing on the fonts as well as some touch-ups to the letter shapes, as well as to Rainer, who helped me with technical issues and finishing.

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Thank you for the opportunity!

Best of luck with this - I hope to see the two styles creatively intermixed.


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A beautiful addition to the Spire/Giorgio genre of elegant condensed sans serifs. Love the alternates! I predict this'll do well among editorial designers.

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Very nice.

It just goes to show that formal invention is quite possible in mature genres, if done with taste and subtlety—one doesn’t have to follow the conventions slavishly.

I like the way these are separate fonts, avoiding the elitism of doing one with the other(s) as a mere set of stylistic alternates.

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Numina just made Hot New Font at MyFonts. Yay! :)

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